Information is a critical asset for all businesses. LudanTech´s Cybersecurity division has developed a unique system to ensure that critical data does not fall into the wrong hands. Our SafePath product is a state-of-the-art data diode, creating a fully secure one-way port. This function provides a hermetically sealed and sterile unidirectional connectivity channel through which sensitive data can be safely and securely streamed without risk of leakage or confidentiality breech. SafePath provides real-time data replication of PI® Servers to fully operational replica servers residing in external networks, and in-depth integration with OSIsoft’s PI®. SafePath has been approved by the Israel National Cyber-Directorate, under the supervision of the ISA, Israel’s homeland, counter-terrorism, and counter-espionage agency.

Dual-diode securely buffers LAN (Local Area Network) from WAN (Wide Area Network) while transmitting one-way communications (from the LAN to the WAN). In this way, selected data is transmitted from the LAN to the WAN while preventing any destructive incoming data from being transferred in the opposite direction (WAN to LAN). The appliance should be located at every LAN-WAN connection.

SafePath supports the following protocol types (from LAN to WAN): File transfer via shared drive, TCP/IP data streams, UDP data streams, PI® from OSIsoft, and OPC. Both RX-HD and TX-HD are managed by a secure console application connected via RS232 or through a web interface and can be accessed by standard browser from any computer in the LAN. All communication lines to and within the appliance have a capacity of 1 gigabyte.

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