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The Multimedia Division is a leader in the performance of high level projects in audio-video (A/V), video conference systems, smart electricity solutions and command-and-control systems for the business

LudanTech´s Multimedia division is a leader in the implementation of complex projects in the fields of audiovisual (A/V), video conferencing, smart electricity solutions, monitoring and control systems, active and passive communications solutions, and advanced IT solutions for international institutions and corporations.
We have worked with some of the world´s largest and most renowned institutions including museums, control rooms, war rooms, government offices, memorial sites, government offices, universities, event halls, hospitals, and more.


Examples of recent projects include:

  • Ritz-Carlton Hotel Herzliya: Planning and building a network based on fiber optics (Fiber to the Room, FTTR), enabling the transfer and integration of all communications systems, including WiFi, IPTV, analog telephones, etc.
  • Beilinson Hospital: Developing and installing a customized communications network based on fiber optics for the hospital´s control system as well as passive and active networks to connect the hospital´s numerous departments and wings.
  • Julius Bar Bank: Developing and installing a passive communications system for the bank including creating comprehensive communications infrastructure with CAT, fiber optics, electricity cabinets, and more.

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